Bridal Shower Art Decorating Ideas

Art conveys a message. It can be subtle, romantic or bold and shameless. If the bridal shower decoration settings have to be exceptionally special, art is the right type of decoration to use.

Many people feel uneasy about incorporating art in the decorations. This is so because everyone has a unique understanding of art that might appear inappropriate for a large event. Yet, art can give a bridal shower the sophistication and elegance that no other type of decorations can.
Further, art can be used to easily create a thematic bridal shower. It takes some effort and research but all types of art are appropriate for a pre-marriage party.

Art in Bridal Shower Invitations

Some form of art can be incorporated into the bridal shower invitations to suggest the theme of the event.

It could be a picture used as a background. Or a small graphic placed right next to the invitation text. It could be hidden in the font selected for the invitation.

An artistic invitation will be more attention-grabbing than the classical one. Select one piece of art, in order to keep the receiver focused on the important information that the invitation contains.

Posters and Thematic Selection

Consistency is very important when it comes to art used in the decorations of a bridal shower.

If the theme is Renaissance, stick to Renaissance painting reproductions. If it is black and white photographs of the happy couple, this is the only type of art to be used.

Posters are also appropriate and innovative.

When it comes to the usage of art in bridal shower decorations, it should be selected carefully and modestly. If art fights for attention with other types of decorations, it might be difficult to achieve the party’s theme and atmosphere.

Art needs to be chosen and placed meticulously in the party room. Each painting, poster or photograph conveys a loud message. Too many pieces will spoil the overall positive impression.

Wedding Shower Clip Art

If you perform a simple online search, you will discover dozens of websites that make bridal shower clip art available.
Clip art is funny and beautiful. It can be used on invitations, on the napkins and even in the table centerpieces.

The best part of wedding shower clip art is that numerous websites offer galleries of related images. All these feature the same style and similar graphic elements. Such images can be used to add consistency to the decorations.

Colors, Message and Wedding Shower Art

If you select oil painting reproductions, stick to those. The pieces should also be selected carefully to match each other in terms of color range.

The message that each piece of art conveys should also be in harmony with the statement that the other paintings, posters or sketches make. It is all about appropriate selection. Remember that often less is more in terms of style.

Go for several very emotionally influential pieces instead of for dozens of paintings that seem to be somehow mediocre.

An artistic bridal shower will be something different and unique. In the end, remember to break the rules if you feel like it. Select the types of decorations that feel right. Some of the best ideas are brought to reality by people who are comfortable with breaking the rules. Decorate your bridal shower party the way you feel it. Trust your instincts and aesthetic perception.

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