Around the House Bridal Shower Ideas

When planning for a theme of a bridal shower, it is important to remember that although it is fun to have a naughty and nice theme, it is better for the bride to have fun while still receiving practical gifts. One of the most practical yet fun gift-giving bridal shower theme is the around the house bridal shower.

The around the house bridal shower is similar in strategy with the around the clock bridal shower. But instead of the times of the day or the times of the season, the focus is more on the specific rooms inside a home. Take for example the garage, or the kitchen. These are two rooms found in homes and if the guest receives an invitation with a “kitchen” theme, then they can bring in any gift which the bride can use in the kitchen. If they receive a “garage” theme, then they can bring in a gift which the bride and the groom can make use of in the garage.

The wording on the invitations is crucial. Without sounding so demanding, simply word the invitation about the reason for the party and what the theme is. Then, offer a brief explanation of the “room” theme. Inform the guest that should they receive a specific room, they can bring a gift which would be useful in that room.

This type of theme will be well treasured by the bride. A girl who gets married knows that she would need tons of items for which to fill up her home, no matter that the home is big or small. Give that bride a boost to domesticity with a sense of humor. The around the house bridal shower theme will not only make it easier for the guests to choose their gift for the bride, but this will also guarantee that the bride would not go into her new home empty handed.

Decorate the tables with a ‘room’ theme. One table can be a kitchen theme, so make sure the party favors sitting on that table will have something for the kitchen like a personalized pot holder. If the table the guests sit on is a living room theme, then set a miniature vase holding scented candles for which to set on the coffee table. The list of rooms can go on and one. Another idea would be to plan the sitting arrangement so the women who love to cook can sit on a kitchen theme, while the corporate women can sit on the home office table.

The bride and the groom who receive the household items will not only love the gifts, but they would use them. This is the most important part. Practicality can still be fun and exciting, especially when the bride discovers them for the first time after she opens the gifts.

Take note though that there will be guests who would have already bought their gift for the bride before they knew of the theme. Do not let them worry, and do not let them feel excluded. Their gifts should still be opened and loved by the bride.


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