Shower Theme: Around the Clock Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower means having to think up a theme. One of the more popular themes is the around the clock bridal shower. This may be popular, but not everyone may have heard of it. This is a great way to give the stressed bride a party that is not only relaxing but fun for everyone.

The around the clock bridal shower theme is generally a shower which focuses on the “times” of both the bride’s and the groom’s lives which would create a category for the gifts given to them. when issuing out the invitations, each of the guests will receive a different “time” of day like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, cuddle, TV, etc. Word the invitation that will clue in the guest that they gift they bring should complement the “time” they are given, so if they receive “tea time” the guest can bring a can of gourmet tea which the bride can brew. For the guest who receives “bath time” then they can bring gifts which would be perfect for a bath like some bath gel, bath salts, bath oils, etc.

The idea behind the around the clock bridal shower theme is to offer a variety of gifts which the bride can actually use. There are a lot of gifts offered to brides which are just kept in the closet or donated to charity. Some are thrown out if they are improper. This way, the guest will have an idea on what to give without fearing that another guest may give the exact same gift, which would be like going to a party and meeting up with someone wearing the exact same dress.

Word each invitation in a way that would not confuse the guest. Make sure that the words briefly explain the theme and what the guest is expected to bring should they decide to come. This is one idea which will guarantee the bride will not only get the things she needs, but what she could actually use.

The table decorations should also be according to a specific time or day or even a season. Place a kitchen timer with the name of the guest who is invited. The timers will serve as the party favor which the guest responding to the name written on it can bring home with them.

The timers can also be used as a tool for a game. Set one of the timers at different times during the gift giving time. Do not inform the guests or the bride that the timer is set. As the bride is opening the gifts one by one, the gift given by the guest being opened at the time that the timer rings will be the winner. Give that winning guest a surprise gift, maybe a scented bath candle or two.

If there is a guest who had already bought their gift before they received the invitation, then it is still OK. What matters most is that gift she brings will still be opened with the rest of the other gifts and she would not feel excluded. Remember, the bridal shower is a time to have fun!


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