Bridal Shower Apron Game

A bridal shower is supposed to be fun and stress free for this is the perfect time, just days prior to the actual wedding ceremony. The few short days which lead up to the wedding day can be a stressful time for both the bride and groom. For the bride, a great game to play at the party is the bridal shower apron game.

Now, it is not the bride who plans the party out. Traditionally it would fall in the hands of the bridesmaid or the maid of honor. They have to make sure that the bridal shower agenda includes chat time and game time to encourage the ‘getting to know’ between the bride’s side of the family and the groom’s side. As there may be some elder women who will join the shower, it is best to involve some games which they can relate to.

The bridal shower apron game is quite simple. Simply purchase and apron and get hold of a lot of kitchen utensils. Ask the guests to bring the utensils so everyone has their own piece in the game. Pin those utensils on the apron. The utensils and the apron will be gifted to the bride at the end of the party. This is a way of showing practical support to the bride who may have to go out and buy all the utensils when they set up their home.

Once the utensils are pinned on the apron, ask the bride to put it on and to walk around for only two minutes. Then, ask the bride to go to another room and to wait out the second half of the game. Distribute paper and pens to each guest and ask them to list down all of the utensils they say pinned on the apron. The guest who lists down the most number of utensils wins the game.

Ask the bride to come out, and check out all of the utensils which were missed. After congratulating the winner and giving her a gift for her efforts, you can now present the bride with the apron, complete with all of the utensils.

The bridal shower apron game may be simple, but it is also one way of ensuring that the guests give a practical gift to the couple. This way, they would not have to go out and buy all the utensils for their own kitchen and every time they use them, they can talk about who gave what and the fun they had in the giving.

There are a lot of other games to choose from, but if the shower is kitchen themed, then the bridal shower apron game and others like it would be the best and most practical of them all. Another game to think of would be a cooking game where the guests come in with all sorts of ingredients for cooking breakfast or cakes. This way, when the bride goes home, she knows that her kitchen is stocked way ahead of time.

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