Bridal shower appetizers and snack ideas

Whether you make bridal shower appetizers or you purchase them, take some time to think about the best starters to serve.

Appetizers get people comfortable with the atmosphere. They are the first type of food to be tasted and they will set the mood at the bridal shower.

How many appetizers do you need to make available? Should you focus on those or use them as a light introduction before the main course is served? In fact, an afternoon bridal shower can have a menu entirely based on appetizers.


Salads are probably the most appropriate type of appetizer, especially for female gatherings.

Salads are healthy and diverse. They can contain numerous products and can be made even more attractive through the usage of dressings and sauces. Further, salads can be prepared effortlessly at home.

Have at least several types of salads available. A seafood salad can be purchased from any store, in case it is deemed appropriate for the occasion.

Green salads are also an excellent choice. The basic one contains lettuce and cucumbers but many variations exist. One of the options includes tuna, while a more exotic version could also feature pineapple.

Greek salad is a pleasant summer appetizer that appeals to most people. It contains tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, feta cheese and olives. The dressing is made of olive oil, lemon juice and oregano.

Any other favorite you have can be added to the bridal shower salad set. Make sure that you select salads that are easy to make, appropriate for the season and corresponding to the bridal shower theme.

Rolls, Sandwiches and Mini-Pizzas

Another very diverse option in terms of appetizers is the sandwich. You can make a sandwich with nearly anything available in the fridge. To make it more intriguing, use wholegrain bread or breads that contains several types of baked seeds or nuts.

Most people enjoy egg salad sandwiches. Other good options include ham and cheese, tuna and olives, grilled vegetables and mozzarella. Always include at least one vegetarian option to please all guests.

Rolls are also a nice appetizer. The simplest one is a ham roll filled with cheese. You can experiment with the filling but ham is an excellent base.

Mini-pizzas will add even more to the diversity. These can be purchased from nearly anywhere.

You can also make stuffed mushrooms. These can be filled with nearly anything. Mushrooms go well with most types of cheeses. You can also combine ham and cheese. A finely chopped vegetable mix can also be used as a stuffing.

Stuffed eggs are probably the easiest to make appetizer. Boil as many eggs as you want to. Cut in halves and take out the yolks. Crush these with cheese and mayonnaise and return inside the egg white.

Dips and other options

Everyone loves at least one type of dip. Dips are diverse, healthy and very attractive appetizers.

Cheese platters will also go well with other appetizers. In fact, a platter can be a beautiful decoration apart from an excellent starter. You can also have ham platters or seafood platters, in case these go well with other foods you are serving.

Appetizers are diverse, easy to make and very attractive. Select your favorite ingredients and look for simple online recipes, in case you want to make the appetizers yourself. Try to include several meat-based and vegetarian options so that everyone feels comfortable with the bridal shower buffet.

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