Delicious Bridal Shower Appetizer Ideas

When it comes to the planning of a bridal shower, one very important thing to consider is planning the menu right. A well planned menu should include the appetizers which are meant to stimulate the taste buds of the diners before the actual main course meals.

Then there are some bridal showers where there may be no real main courses and only appetizers are served. Some are scandalized by this concept, but this is a more common occurrence than rare and many party guests actually like eating appetizers rather than heavy meals, especially when they just want to shed the stress and enjoy some time with friends and bride to be. Below are just some of the more delicious bridal shower appetizer ideas.

Fruit Tray

A little bit of fruit goes a long way and many health buffs would actually prefer this type of appetizer rather than the cholesterol laden ones. Simply slice strawberries, pineapples, grapes, and two types of melons. Drizzle a bit of fruity liqueur like Curacao. Serve the fruit on a tray with some bridal-themed appetizer toothpicks. As an alternative for those who wish to make this ahead of the party, soak the sliced fruit in the liqueur for a minimum of two hours or even overnight should do. The longer the fruits are soaked, the stronger the flavors. This should entertain the guests no end and spike their appetites.

Dairy Tray

The dairy tray can serve a whole lot of goodies and there are no rules against mix-matching different types of food. Think small or finger sized quesadillas, cheese cubes, even fruity yogurt cups. The variety on the tray or trays served should encourage the chat time. This is just one of the bridal shower appetizer ideas where nothing can go wrong. Heck, even a fruity ice cream can be served on this tray.

Vegetarian Tray

If there are health buffs around, one great bridal shower appetizer idea is to serve vegetable appetizers. These can be made way ahead of time. Simply slice up some peppers of all colors like yellow, red, green and orange and line them up on one side of the tray. On the next side line up some sliced cucumbers, carrots and celery sticks. Add in an array of black and green olives. In the middle of the tray, place at least three or four choice dips. On another vegetarian tray can include some stuffed mushrooms, large red tomatoes stuffed with Spanish or paella rice.

Meat Tray

The meat should never be forgotten for not everyone goes vegetarian. Again, just like the dairy tray, there are no rules against mix-matching all kinds of food. Think finger sized tacos, tiny deep-fried spicy meatballs, Buffalo wings, bite sized cocktail sausages, cold cuts, and roll up meat sandwiches and many more. There are a lot of great meat recipes to choose from.

Remember, simply because they are appetizers does not mean that they cannot be served on their own. There are many people who actually prefer eating them rather than the full meals for there are more flavors to choose from, eating and chatting are not disrupted and the fun can go on the whole night or day snacking on relaxing food.


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