Bridal Shower Alcoholic Drinks

One of the rites of passage for women is the bridal shower and if it is shared among young and energetic girls and women, it is just right to have fun. One way to have a great party is to serve alcoholic drinks but that is really not the point. Some have come up with some naughty and nice recipes for bridal shower alcoholic drinks which can make the head spin – in a drunken haze or in wonder, it really depends.

The One-Two Punch Recipe

This is a great alcoholic recipe especially for those bridal showers which have a pirate theme. The rum makes the whole recipe perfect.

Mix in a punch bowl a litter of vanilla ice cream, half a litter of lime sorbet, two liters of ginger ale, a litter of pineapple juice, and 1 26 ounce bottle of Rum (drinker’s preference). This is not only a great bridal shower alcoholic drinks recipe but it also holds its own very well for the winter holidays.

Barbie Mix Recipe

There is nothing Barbie in this drink but the ingredients make it look innocent. One sip of this recipe and the buzz is Barbielicious.

Mix in a punch bow a frozen can each of margarita mix, pink lemonade, and orange juice. Add in two bottles of well chilled champagne (the good kind) and a bottle of flavoured sparkling water. Serve cold to anyone who drops by.


Sangria is probably considered by many as a traditional type of baby shower alcoholic drink for Sangria is usually associated with all women. However, the traditional label in no way detracts it from being a delicious mix and blend of colors and taste which is gentle on the palate and yet can result to a lot of giggles.

Slice some fruits like an orange, a lime, and two plums. Mash them at the bottom of a serving pitcher large enough to hold several liters. Add in a bottle of red fruity wine, a fourth cup of sugar, six ounces of seltzer and lots of ice. Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolved. Add ice only after the sugar is incorporated into the mixture. This is a light and fruity drink which is a wonder to the palate.

Above were just a few great recipes to be served in a baby shower, but one word of advice.  Do not serve these to the women if the bride is pregnant, it would just not be right that everyone enjoys and she cannot. Also, it would be a good idea to arrange for transportation for the guests should they imbibe on the drinks too much. It would also be a good idea to arrange for the guests to stay over at the home where the bridal shower is held. This way, there would be no extra costs for travel, everyone is safe, and once everyone wakes up in the morning, they can continue the fun through breakfast or even lunch should it be held on a weekend when everyone is off work. Enjoy!


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