Hosting a Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea Party

When it is time to host a bridal shower, it is very important to ask for the opinion of the bride. No bridal shower is great if the bride only ends up not enjoying herself because of the theme or the venue. So when the bride asks for a bridal shower afternoon tea party, then go with the flow, plan it out and host it well.

Usually a bridal shower afternoon tea party screams “traditional” and “old fashioned.” So if the bride wants to experience high tea, prepare the party to be held in the type of venue which would complement the theme – a restaurant, an old mansion like a historic landmark which can be rented for the party or at a private home with a good looking garden.

First of all, it is important for the planner to make up a list of guests and to set the date and time of the bridal shower afternoon tea party. Make sure than when setting the date and time, the venue should already be booked for that specific date and time. Do not set anything unless the venue is cleared for that party.

Second, when searching for a perfect location, get ideas from friends. Or just go with the favorite place of the bride. It could even be held in the grounds of a museum should it be open for the day.

Third, set the menu for the shower party. Remember, this is afternoon tea so for beverages select some fine teas which are caffeinated and decaffeinated. Then check out the afternoon tea menus online. If the venue chosen already serves the afternoon tea, talk to the one in charge and discuss what food they can provide for the afternoon. If the food is provided at the venue, this could be advantageous for there is no need to travel with the food. And usually, the service comes with staff, so take advantage. If the tea party is at a private home, think of preparing the food or consult the service of a caterer which can serve the type of food specific for teatime.

Fourth, once the day, time and venue are cleared, send out the invitations to those in the guest list. Make the invitations look pretty. If made by printers, be very specific about the theme and the way the invitation should come out. A nice touch would be to send out handwritten invitations.

Fifth, decorate the room and the tables according to the afternoon tea theme. Set flowers and tea cups on the tables. Plan out the music to be classically inspired rather than hip-hop and pop or other modern music.

Sixth, at the end of the party, offer each of the guests some pretty ‘thank you’ notes and party favors like a tea candle held in a teacup. Another idea would be to use a heart shaped sachet filled with potpourri and scented with lemon and spice. The lemon could represent the lemon in tea.

Seventh, the point of the bridal shower afternoon tea party is to give the bride a breathing space from all the wedding planning. So enjoy the day and shower the bride with love.


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