Planning for a Bridal Shower After the Wedding

The bridal shower is traditionally given a few days before the wedding as a way of ‘showering’ the bride with love and companionship of the days which are considered to be the most crucial time. Pre-wedding nerves can be a real killer at this point and it is up to the maid of honor and the other bride’s maids to plan a party aimed at de-stressing the bride.

However, what can one do when the wedding happens way before any of the bridal showers were even planned? Bridal shower after the wedding happens a lot of times, especially when the bride and groom elope, get sick and tired of the wedding preparations and just goes off to Las Vegas to get married, or unplanned wedding which just plain happened catching the friends and family members of the bride and groom by surprise. If there is no wedding entourage, who then can host the bridal shower.

Fortunately, there are no rules on who hosts or plans a bridal shower, before or after any wedding. In the case of planning for a bridal shower after the wedding, good friends can do this, even a family member. Remember, the bridal shower was invented to welcome the bride in to married life by love and acceptance. This means that anyone who loves and welcomes a bride can host and plan a shower.

Now, for the invitations. When it comes to unique circumstances, etiquette and rules can take a back seat. There are really some extenuating circumstances that can lead to a wedding without all the hullabaloo of wedding preparations. Think informal or formal. Just invite the guests to a party which serves as a welcome for the bride and as a congratulations for the wedding. Ask friends to come over and celebrate the wedding. The gifts can still be bridal shower themed, but that is really up to the guest. After the wedding, anything goes when it comes to the gifts; in fact, many find this as the better way to do it.

For the actual party itself, make it a celebration rather than the atmosphere of a traditional bridal shower which is more like a “last chance!” in fact, this type of shower can serve as a reception or a celebratory party for the wedding.

For the games, again, anything goes, remember, they are already married. So plan out games which will be enjoyed by all. If there are no games planned, think dancing and great food instead! The point is to ‘shower’ the bride with all the welcome and support. That should be the main goal.

Of course, the theme of the party takes a backseat but if the planner wants a theme, then go ahead. Just make sure that the theme decided on is agreeable to both the bride and the groom.

Also, for those who do ask about wedding gifts and bridal shower gifts, assure them that as the couple are already married, only wedding gifts should be given and nothing else.


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