Planning for a Bridal Shower After Elopement

When people think of weddings, traditionally they are held in venues which were of religious significance, but as the modern and highly technical world evolved, the tradition of religion gave way to economy. Today, many people just think of the whole wedding scenario as a cost they cannot afford to spend. People are opting to just ditch all plans for a lavish and grand wedding for the simpler ceremonies in front of the judge or just go off to Las Vegas and elope. In minutes, the wedding ceremony is completed, no fuss and definitely a lot cheaper. So where does that leave the traditional bridal shower?

Many friends and families now look at the bridal shower after elopement as a belated wedding reception. Some of the friends may even call that one special night with the newlywed bride as their “Special Girls/BFF Night Out.”

So for those who really do want to stick to tradition despite the fact that the wedding was pre-empted, and then consider planning for a bridal shower after elopement/reception? This could also be more economical for the invited guests who are concerned about giving two gifts to the bride, one for the bridal shower and the other for the wedding.

So, this brings in the bridal shower after elopement invitations which can be handwritten or ordered from the printers. As most of the time these types of showers are less formal, handwritten invitations can be given to special friends and family members living in the area. There should be no need to send out invitations for those who are out of town, unless the best friend or a special family member needs to be really there.

It would be good to write the reason behind the party and it would also be good to advice the invited about the gifts they are to bring. It is only right that the guests just give a wedding gift and not stick to the traditional bridal shower gifts. The written advice should calm the nerves of the invited who are on a rigid budget.

For the venue, if it is a typical “Girls/BFF Night Out” then going to a bar and having the night of their lives can be planned. But if the host is a family member, it would be wise to have an informal reception/party serving good comfort food and mixed drinks.

For the decorations, there is really no fuss to it, unless the host insists on a specific theme. But if it is informal, a few flowers here and there and some tables and chairs should do the trick. The host could also hire a caterer who can decorate the venue in their own specialized way.

It would also be a good idea to plan out the party favors, just make sure the souvenirs include ‘thank you’ notes on them. For the bride (and the groom) it would also be a good idea to give them a wedding advice book to refer to in times when they need it most.


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