Helpful and Silly Bridal Shower Advice Games

There are so many to think about when preparing for a wedding and a few days before the actual date can be the most stressful time for both the bride and groom and their respective families. One way to de-stress for the men is to have a stag party, a sort of last hurrah for the man before he settles down to domesticity and for the brides, it is the bridal shower. One way to make that bridal shower fun is to some games and one of the most popular is the game called: helpful and silly bridal shower advice games.

Helpful Advice

This can be easily accomplished by simply handing out pieces of blank paper which you can call as the marriage advice form. Give each guest a piece and ask them to share a little bit of their wisdom which they actually practice or have learned by observing all the other married couples around them.

Ask each one to write a piece of helpful advice and once they are done and have written down their names on the paper after their written advice, they should be passed on to the party host. The host can then gather up and bind all the forms in a bridal advice book. This book can then be given to the bride at the end of the activity. It would also be fun to read out lout the solicited advice so everyone can hear what each one has to say.

Silly Advice

The helpful bridal shower advice game can become pretty serious, so shake up the day by asking the same group of friends to write silly advices. Again, distribute blank pieces of paper and ask them to write out some silly advice under two categories: the one that works and the one that does not or has never worked. Again, once completed it could be added on to the bridal shower advice book.

To make things more interesting, the host can actually distribute pieces of paper with some questions to answer in a silly way:

  1. What to do when the man in your life takes up a lot of time in the bathroom.
  2. What to do when the man in your life plays too much (mention the sport the groom plays).
  3. What to do when the man in your life is obviously lost but refuses to ask directions.
  4. What to do when the man in your life not only hugs all the pillows but steals all the covers as well.

Once all the guests have written out their own version of solutions, these can all be added into the bridal shower advice book. To make it more fun, call out the answers.

Award the guest who is voted to have written the best helpful advice and the guest who made up the silliest of them all.

Helpful and silly bridal shower advice games are fun and enjoyable, but when they are all compiled into one solid gift in the form of an advice book, it can be a most treasured possession.

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