Party Favor Ideas – Bridal Shower Advice Cards

Planning out the bridal shower can be tedious, especially when one has to think about the party favors. To make the perfect party favor specifically for the benefit of the bride, think about bridal shower advice cards.

The bridal shower advice cards are inexpensive keepsakes made from high quality card stock. They can be ordered online from any bridal shower favors website and personalized for the bride to be. When ordering the cards, decide on the size of each of the cards. The text on the card should read along these lines:

_______________ Bridal Shower

(Date of the Bridal Shower)

Some Helpful/Silly Advice for the Bride-to-be…

With love from: ____________________

Obviously the design of the cards can be picked out from the website. When ordering, check out the information that everything is complete and there are now errors on the date and time of the party. These bridal shower advice cards should be delivered within a few days. Check with the website how many of these cards are included in one set. The number of the cards should also correspond to the number of invitees. Make sure to make extras for the unexpected, but very welcome guests.

At the party, distribute the cards to the guests as they arrive. Prepare some pencils or pens to write with. Ask each one to offer their own helpful or silly advice to the bride-to-be. Once the cards are completed they can then be collected and placed in a bridal shower advice book or box which is to be presented to the bride during the gift giving. But before giving it up to the bride, it would be fun to read out loud the contents of the cards. The sillier the advice and the more helpful can be treasured by the couple. Reading out loud the silly and helpful advice can result to a few tears, chuckles and even full blown laughter.

When choosing the design and text to be included in the personalized cards, think about the theme of the bridal shower. As there are a lot of themed cards provided in these websites, it can be easy to look for the right and fitting one. If the specific theme of the party is not provided for, ask the customer service what services they provide for creating a set of cards which would be customized for that specific party. There are some sites which would not be willing to do so or if they are, they may ask for extra fees. However, there are really some which offer the specific customization of the cards as part of their services and just asks for extra costs if the colors and other materials exceed the normal ones.

The bridal shower advice cards are a great idea as a party favor specifically for the soon-to-be-married couple. It is a way to relieve the stress days prior to the wedding ceremony and these could be read by the couple when they are in bed together talking about the days that led up to their wedding.


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