Bridal Gift Idea – A Bridal Advice Book

When a woman is about to get married, the rush and the panic of the planning from the smallest detail to the most ridiculous of details have to be met with a strong set of arms as well as a good head on the shoulders. This could all lead to a stressful time for the bride and the groom and there are times when just prior to the wedding, the stress can just explode and all chaos breaks loose. This is the very situation which dictates a time to relax, to enjoy the moment, and to let the friends and family “shower” the bride with love, advice and compassion.

At a bridal shower, gifts are usually given and what other perfect gift to give than a bridal shower advice book. This can be bought in a specialty bridal shop, or it could be created by loving friends and family and given as a surprise to the bride, or it could just be completed at the bridal shower party itself. It matters not how it is completed, created or even bought, the point is to give a gift that would be appreciated and treasured by both the bride and the groom.

For those who want to complete the project during the party, an empty bridal advice book can be passed around to the invited guests who then can write in their own version of wedding advice, never mind if it is naughty or nice, silly and conservative. The bride and the groom can read the advice at the end of the party and everyone can cheer on or cry at the different advice written by the friends and family at the party.

There are usually ready-made bridal shower advice book which can be bought online and there are a lot to choose from so when choosing one it is best to ask the bridal shower party planner or planners if there is a specific theme for the bridal shower. As there are numerous themed books, it may not be hard to search out one. There are also websites which can custom print the book depending on the specific theme their customer is requesting.

Then there are those bridal shower advice books which can be lovingly hand-made by the giver who can be one individual or a group of friends. They can then design it according to the theme of the party and fill it up with a lot of advices collected from other family members and friends. The completed book can then be presented to the bride at the party.

This can also be a great gift idea for an invited guest to bring should they receive an ABC invitation and the letter is “A.” the first letter of the alphabet can stand for “advice.” It really matter not what the purpose of the gift is really, but usually it would be a good idea to give a gift which can be treasured by the receiver. Great advices, silly advices, naughty and nice advices, any advice is great especially for a bride who is very nervous and stressed out before the wedding.

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