Giving Bridal Shower Advice to the Bride

One of the tasks of a bride’s maid or maid of honor is to plan the bridal shower for the bride-to-be just a few days prior to the actual wedding. These are the most stressful days for the bride and groom and the only way they can rid their angst is to have a sort of “last hurrah” in the form of the groom’s stag party and the bride’s bridal shower party.

The party is also the best time to offer advice for the bride on the possible difficulties and challenges she may face in her married life. How to give that advice may be the only way it is received by the bride and it could be received positively or negatively.

One great idea is to give the bride a bridal shower advice gift in the form of games and party favors. In the form of a gift, the guests can be secretly given some bridal shower advice cards which they must fill out. The advice can be helpful or it could be silly. Ask them to make sure they sign their names at the bottom of the card so that once the cards are placed in their special box or bound in a book; the memories shared would always be treasured.

As a game it could be done in exactly the right way as the party gift, but instead of giving the cards unread to the crowd, the bridal shower host can start a game by reading out loud the advices and then asking them to take a vote on who had the best advice and the silliest advice. Award each winner their own special gift which should be different from those which are given to each guest as a way of thanking them for making the effort to shower the bride with love and support.

For those who are thinking cost, these bridal shower advice gifts are not expensive. In fact, if one were to order online, the cost of the personalized cards and delivery is not high. Then there are those planners who are really creative and they can just hand-make the cards which are to be used. They can also be printed direct from templates online. So cost is really not an issue.

However, it would be a great idea to make sure that during the planning of the shower, the reading and the giving of the bridal shower advice cards is done at the right time. If there is a game involved, then offer up the gift during the game time. But if it is specifically as a gift for the bride, then it is only logical to give it during the exchange of gifts time.

For those who are wondering on what advice to give, as a planner it is important to ready some questions which the guests can use as a guide on what they want to write on the cards. Or, the cards could already come pre-printed with the questions which the guests can then just answer.

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