The Most Enjoyable Bridal Shower Activities

A bridal shower involves serious planning. The organizer has to think about the theme, the menu, the decorations and the bridal shower activities.

Activities are very important. The proper selection of such will keep guests entertained and will give them the chance to have fun and break the ice.

You need to take into consideration several aspects of the party in order to select the best bridal shower activities. Select a medley of games that will be appropriate and enjoyable. You will need to accommodate the interests and preferences of guests in order to hold the most successful bridal shower.

Activities Corresponding to the Theme

Naturally, the games and activities you select will have to correspond to the theme of the bridal shower.

The theme determines each aspect of the party. It demands the selection of certain decorations. The menu will also have to be chosen in a manner that corresponds to the theme. The games and bridal shower activities will also have to be thematic.

A beach-themed bridal shower party will make dancing and cocktail tasting very appropriate. Guests could also be given the option to mix drinks themselves or to try coming up with their own cocktails.

A tea party will make other activities appropriate. The first step when selecting bridal shower activities will be taking the theme in consideration.

Activities that Correspond to the Interests of Guests

When you know what the theme of the bridal shower will be, you will have to examine the guest list.

What types of people are invited to the bridal shower? Are these the girlfriends of the bride-to-be? Or maybe the list includes coworkers and distant relatives? Is the bride-to-be a friend of all these people or are some of the ladies solely acquaintances.

Activities selected should correspond to the age and interests of the bridal shower guests.

A more conservative gathering will probably be uncomfortable with joking and modern dancing. Spa procedures might be inappropriate for women who dislike massages or getting a skin treatment.

Try to accommodate the preferences of guests. It might be difficult since people have very differing tastes. Exclude radical and too unusual ideas and try to achieve temperance.

Break the Ice

Some of the activities should be designed to break the ice and to help bridal shower guests learn more about each other.

One wonderful option is a truth and lie game. Have each lady state something that is true and something that is false about herself. The other guests will have to figure out which statement is truthful and which one is a lie.

Many games are designed to help people get to know each other. Get everyone involved in such games. The bride should take the lead, taking active participation in such games.

Trivia and Quizzes

You should have a backup plan, in case the activities you have selected fail intriguing your guests.

Quizzes are one excellent option that will get everyone entertained. A trivia quiz can be readily connected to the bridal shower theme. Select various intriguing questions and make guests answer those. The quiz can also be fun and entertaining. Your selection of questions will be determining in this case.

Select a medley of activities. Make sure that you have planned everything and that you have taken in consideration the preferences of the bride-to-be and the guests. Have fun and always prepare a backup plan that will guarantee the success of the bridal shower you are holding.

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