4th of July Bridal Shower

What better day is there to spend time with your friends, family members and relatives than the 4th of July? The festive and buoyant mood of the 4th of July brings waves of joy and happiness for people of ages; a joy and happiness which are rather infatuating.  Therefore, planning the bridal shower on such a significant day will only help to add to the lively festivities and celebrations. If you are thinking about planning to host the bridal shower party on the 4th of July, here are some fun, creative and wonderful tips and ideas that are guaranteed to contribute to the creation of a wonderful and special bridal shower party.

Since the 4th of July is a celebration of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, it would be great if your bridal shower invitations were to resemble the country’s respective flag. You can integrate stars and blue and white stripes into your invitations. For the stars, you can use clip arts, stickers or create your own stars. To add to its beauty and elegance, you can dust the stars with glitters. Depending on your budget, the stripes can be made by cutting linens or festive papers.

Since July is usually time for warm sunny weather, an outdoor location is suitable. Depending on the bride’s preference and the size of the guests that are expected to attend the bridal shower, your location can be anywhere from a park, garden, backyard and if possible, somewhere you and everyone else can witness the festive and feisty firework display (if any is supposed to go on).

Color scheme(s) are a crucial aspect of any bridal shower party. It not only sets down the tone for the decorations, but it also subtly ensures that the other fundamentals are contrasting and complementary. Keeping the theme of 4th of July in mind, your appropriate color schemes can be any shades of blue, red and white. Depending on the future bride-to-be, you can choose a single color scheme or multiple color schemes.

Through the decorations, you can not only present your patriotic side but also your innovative imagination.  Subtle flag-inspired touches of blazing white and red stripes, blue silk fabrics and various sizes of white stars will look nostalgic, festive and vibrant against the walls. Incorporating patriotic paper lanterns which are in turn inserted with light bulbs will add to the glowing and warm atmosphere.

For the table, you can use blue as the grounding color and bringing in touches of red and white shades. Using white tableware against a backdrop of bright red or blue accent will practically create a sparkling and shining effect that is sure to have the guests transfixed at their mere sight. For the rest of the location, wreaths and bouquets constructed from white, red and blue flowers will finish of the patriotic and magical touches.

Planning your milestone bridal shower on the 4th of July is certain to make it that much more memorable and special.

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